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1. Hi.i m kiet eie
2. going to be 19 this yr.
3. I love my family,myfriends,and my barbie :D.
4. Teakwondo is my life.
5. I never can sing :(
6. SMILE people (:

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Saturday, May 7, 2011 / 3:33 AM

apa-apa pun tak dapat

i m a failure

Sunday, April 24, 2011 / 10:17 PM

看着 身边的朋友 大家都慢慢找到自己想要得未来
看着 他们对未来 那种 兴奋期待努力 的感觉
不禁让我感觉到 自己还停留在原点
我好想拥有 那种期待&兴奋的感觉
我不是不懂自己想要什么 但我想要得 也许太遥远了
我常常幻想我的未来 幻想我会达到我想要得一天
可惜 我还是停留在原来的脚步
我与我的未来 从没接近过 我们还是这么有距离
也许我的努力还不够吧 但恐怕再多的努力
但我相信 只要我肯再再再努力
我终会有 那种兴奋期待感

SEE ME FLY :))))))

亲爱的 生日快乐
Thursday, April 21, 2011 / 12:31 AM

虽然 没有很完美浪漫的结局
不能 亲眼看到你的感动
少许的失望 和 遗憾


亲爱的 生日快乐

愿你 永远永远都开心

Monday, April 18, 2011 / 10:42 PM

my all time expression
and with the nerdy specs
i hate exams.
because of exams,
my life fills with black and white only
so dull :(

yes, we have steamboat again :D
Sunday, April 17, 2011 / 10:01 PM

whenever something big has ended, we must celebrate with something big. hahaha i mean i have finally finished my trials, so this meal is a reward for myself hehe. actually we are not about eat only, we actually went for tuition before heading for foods hehe. a sad case right, a college student still have to take tuition haiz :(

so this pic was taken while waiting for ngar mun.hahaha she claimed that she did not was just because of some stupid caused her to be late. we -___________-

hahhaha this is our motive force in driving us to move on :D and
it was our first time visit. no harm for trying new shop, if not they will not accompany me to eat again, coz i always HOI TONG

he was so sleepy during the tuition class but, when he sees foods,
this his look


well everything of the restaurant was nice and good. from the freshness of the foods, the variety,the cleanness, the workers was near to perfect, but except for the boss. he was so action.he put a big boss look on his face and even put his leg on the chair. so i told my friends, he is the one who halau-ing customers.
btw forgot about it, let me show u some happiness faces

last but not least,
my victory

and this the place.

yummy bbq steamboat buffet.
24 jalan alam damai 1, damai 23 cheras.
RM 24.80 per person
and forget to mention,
there's free flow of drinks :D

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Sunday, April 10, 2011 / 3:51 AM

i accidentally browse through a blog and saw this.
so cute right?
it is a great idea if u wan to make something romantic and special to some one special
hehe but i am waiting someone to make for me :D
ppl try it out :D

AND ITS AN EGG..... nt tang yuen


Thursday, April 7, 2011 / 11:29 PM

let me share with you, i bought this thinggy, to be specified it called APPLE CIDER VINEGAR about two three weeks ago at jusco belakong. the reason i bought it is because i found from internet, they said it helps to maintain body weight, improve in constipation so on. but the my main purpose is of cause want to burn out the extra extra fat in my body hahahha i take the vinegar daily after diluting it with water, it is sad to say that, after so long, there is no significant result yet plus my friends said i look fatter omg how could thy say smtg so cruel to someone who is trying so hard to cut down her weight!!!!ouch ouch ouch. but but but, although i didn't get a inch thinner, but this thing works like a magic on my face. it helps to cure those irritating pimples on my face like a day time oni. amazing right? compared to those pimple gels and whatsoever sell at the guardian watson farmasi are tipu orang de. after applying diluted vinegar on my face, the reddish of pimples get rid after few the next day, it disappears. HAHAHAHA pimple-er, you should buy this and apply on it :D

i bought bragg brand as those professionals said
must have the word "mother" which means natural ahh smth lar

till the next :D

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突然好想你们 ♥
/ 2:33 AM

its raining now. since i was small, i love raining alots especially the smell of rain. maybe because of my innocent, i had a weird thought when i was small, i felt being inside the house while raining will be more safer because no thieves want to trouble themselves by taking action under the rain. funny right?but till now i still feel this way :) yeahhh, now, raining brings me alot wonderful memories other than feeling safe. every time it rains, i think of them. raining reminds me the laughters the jokes the fun moment we had during the raining day(inside word) hahahhaha.

we took this pic during happy rainy day. see our smiles!!! it was really very a happy day indeed.
not a normal happy, but the happiness felt from the bottom of the heart and overwhelmed the whole you. i hope they are doing perfectly fine and with you people, everyday is a happy day :D

love ya

i wan be fit :D
Tuesday, April 5, 2011 / 11:58 PM

MY current AIM :


no doubts, i sure can do it :D
wish me all the best.